1JZ 2JZ Oil Pump Comparison

JZ Oil Pump Comparison


Differences between the oil pumps used on the various JZ engines. GE, GTE, Non-VVTi, VVTi, 1jz and 2jz.


1jzgte (most commonly found on MK3 Supra, JZX81/90/100/110) 15100-46030


Non-vvti 2jzge (most commonly found on 93-95 SC300, GS300, MK4 Supra) 15100-46042

VVTi 2jzge (most commonly found on SC300, GS300, IS300) 15100-46091



2jzgte and VVTi 2jzgte (most commonly found on MK4 Supra, Aristo) 15100-46052





You can see the lack of provision for a crank position sensor on the early Non-VVTi GE vs GTE (VVTi GE has the provision, but is still internally different from the GTE)


GTE                                                   GE


GE inner pump rotor diameter is 77mm, outer pump rotor diameter is 91mm

GTE inner pump rotor diameter is 85mm, outer pump rotor diameter is 108mm


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