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Suspicious Garage S Chassis Steering Rack Balance Lines and Fittings

S Chassis Steering Rack Balance Lines and High/Low Pressure Fittings   Balance Lines     High Pressure and Low Pressure Fittings    All parts are available on the website:  ... Read more +

Formula Drift Long Beach 2016

Its been a long road Quick shoot at the Hoonigan Donut Garage before the car heads to the Streets of Long Beach for tech Get Nuts Lab Team 2016 Garret N,... Read more +

Apexi Smart Accel Controller Install

As we all know, most cars are switching over to drive by wire or Electronic Throttle Control System of some variant.  Basically, what this means, is there is NO physical... Read more +

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Who Is Suspicious Garage?

Suspicious Garage was established 2009 in Phoenix, Az

In the summer of 2013 our shop was relocated to Southern California.