Marlin Crawler VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor

Marlin Crawler VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor

Marlin Crawler Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).


This magnetic 3-wire, 4-pluse amplifier will convert ANY Toyota vehicle with a standard 22x1.50 mechanical speedometer drive to an electronic speedometer system. It is designed to fit a standard Toyota electric VSS plug for direct plug-n-play installation.


The applications are unlimited, converting both 4WD and 2WD 22x1.50 mechanical speedometer setups to an electronic 3-wire, 4-pulse speedometer output. It works great for a Tacoma engine conversion into a Hilux or Land Cruiser!


Additionally, it is compatible with both gear and chain drive transfer cases. For 1992-95 V6 applications, when converting to a gear drive t/case setup, the only previous option was to use a 1992-95 factory Toyota 4cyl 5-speed gear drive t/case VSS, but this is a brand new Toyota part that replaces the entire sending unit and is therefore far more expensive.


Because the Marlin Crawler VSS is designed to simply thread onto your original mechanical sending unit, it is a much more economical & practical solution that does not require any modifications to your transfer case.


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