STANCE Air Cup Suspension
STANCE Air Cup Suspension
STANCE Air Cup Suspension
STANCE Air Cup Suspension STANCE Air Cup Suspension STANCE Air Cup Suspension

STANCE Air Cup Suspension

STANCE Air Cup Suspension [ACS] system is CAD engineered and made from CNC’d billet aluminum and hard anodized.  When the air cups are not being used, the coilovers have the same performance and ride quality as if without.  With simple click of a button, the STANCE ACS system provide up to 2inches of lift, providing the clearance for the front of the vehicle.

The STANCE ACS system also comes standard with roller bearings on Inverted applications to provide quiet operation and maximum performance out of your coilovers. This also keeps the cups from binding, keeping tension away from the air lines for safe and reliable performance.


STANCE Air Cup Suspension system uses Viair 380C compressor for its proven durability and performance.  The main control unit comes pre-wired and assembled, making it very easy to install.  The main control unit is fully automated and does not require additional parts. The electronic valve allows for a very compact switch and does not require running high pressure airlines directly into the cabin. This makes the switch much easier to install and safer by keeping the high pressure lines away from the dash area.

Kit comes pre-assembled on a lightweight board for easy plug and play install.

*This is an add-on kit to Stance coilovers. Price does not include the coilover.

Fullkit Include:

  • Viair Compressor 380C
  • 3gal Aluminum Tank
  • Check Valve
  • One-Piece Electronic Air Valve
  • Bosch Relays
  • Deutsch Connectors
  • Air Lines
  • Two-Way Center Return Micro Switch
  • 2x fully assembled Aircups
  • Bearing assembly (for McPherson type)

Main unit is fully automated and comes equipped with electronic relays and valves allowing us to utilize a very compact switch (pictured on the left). This gives the user the ability to mount the switch almost anywhere in the car. Other kits on the market use a manual paddle switch (pictured on the right) that is very large and difficult to install, requiring high pressure lines running directly to the switch and limiting placement options.

Switch dimensions
17 mm L x 12 mm W x 13 mm H


air cup stance