Fueled Racing S14 240sx LSX installation kit 95-98

Fueled Racing S14 240sx LSX installation kit 95-98

The Fueled Racing LS1 through LS9 installation kit is 100% made in the USA using 100% US domestic materials. The kit requires absolutely no spacers of any kind, requires no cutting or welding, no cross-member modification, clears factory and aftermarket sway bars and does not use solid mounts. The engine mounts are CNC machined out of Alcoa aluminum and then hard anodized. Unlike every other competitors kits our engine mounts use captured polyurethane inserts to ensure your engine will never come loose even if the polyurethane mount completely fails. The transmission cross-member is made of DOM tube and is fully HAND T.I.G. welded. A polyurethane transmission mount is included. The oil pan is made by Moroso with a six trap door baffle system specifically for our kit and does not hang below the cross-member at all. Unlike other kits on the market our kit includes Engine mounts, transmission mount, driveshaft, 1.75 inch long tube 304 stainless headers, OEM low profile collector clamps, Moroso oil pan, oil pickup tube, oil pan gasket, oil pan stud kit, billet dip stick, oil filter relocation kit with all lines and fittings as well as power steering feed and return lines with custom machined rack fittings. Upgrades include aluminum or carbon fiber driveshafts.


Transmission crossmembers are available for T-56, Turbo400, TKO500, TKO600, T56 Magnum, G-Force GSR and many other popular transmissions. Moroso dry sump oil pans available for an additional $250 Moroso dry sump LS7 or LS9 oil pans available for an additional $275


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