ARP Engine Head Stud Kit Nissan KA24DE

ARP Engine Head Stud Kit Nissan KA24DE

Replace your stock head bolts with ARP heavy duty head studs. The stud design helps the head and the block equalize the pressure better thereby creating a much more even and consistent seal.

It is recommended to replace the head studs/bolts with a new set if the head bolts are ever loosened due to metal fatique. Reusing an old and possibly warped or stretched head bolts/studs will sacrifice the seal between the head and block and may cause head gasket leak. This is a great an easy upgrade when doing an engine rebuild or building a race motor. 

This kit comes with: studs, washers, nuts, and assembly lube.      This kit is originally designed for the Saturn Engine, but tuners have used it for years on their KA24DE. 

**ARP has now released a KA24DE (202-4304) specific kit, the only difference being the increase in strength of the studs.     This kit uses ARP 8740 studs which are rated at 200,000 psi**


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