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Apexi Smart Accel Controller Install

by Efrain Nevarez 26 Feb 2014

As we all know, most cars are switching over to drive by wire or Electronic Throttle Control System of some variant.  Basically, what this means, is there is NO physical connection between your foot and the throttle body. Even if you floor the gas pedal doesn't mean the throttle body is opening 100%.


Apex'i released the Smart Accel Controller back in 2011, and while not the only product of its kind on the market, its one of the best, smallest and easiest to use. Install is about 15min and even with a fancy button placement like we did on the FR-S, total install time was about 1 hour.


The controller offers 7 different modes, and you can turn it off completely if desired.  When using the vehicle specific plug and play harness removing the unit is a breeze and will not leave any trace of install on the accelerator pedal.


We took the install one step further and used an OEM Toyota VSC/Traction Control Button assembly and integrated the Apexi button for a very stock look.  The original buttons were silver but we opted for the sleek black look.

New black buttons:

Black vs stock silver


Eco Mode -1:

High Throttle Mode at night:


More on Apexi's website:


Unit on our website:

Contact us for OEM install into button assembly, as there are variations of color.

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